• Fingeance Fiction: The Sum of their Parts

    Dorsa: Still? It’s been minutes, and still the ink keeps coming. It slithers out in towering jet-black plumes. The light around them had dwindled, then faded entirely, reducing the forms of our heroes have to four tiny pinpricks of light in the fog. They squint out from their submarines, struggling to see anything but blackness. […]

  • Fingeance at Gamer’s Rhapsody 2015

    We will be demoing Fingeance at Gamer’s Rhapsody 2015! Gamer’s Rhapsody is a video game convention that aims to highlight the artistic side of video games. There will be special performances by Nerd Enhanced Sound, Benjamin Briggs, and Do a Barrel Roll! as well as many other acts. Also there will be guest appearances by Emily […]

  • High Level Weaponry Designs

    Last week, we talked about the visual features we’re adding to the game for the high level parts of Fingeance. In order to increase the amount of levels players can go through (we can’t stress enough how much players have been asking for this!), we’ve been working hard to bring high level content to the […]

  • Expanding Fingeance: New Additions

    One of the most commonly asked questions after we demo the game at conventions and the like is, “Why is it only 3 levels! We want to play more!” That is a really humbling question to hear: it means that we are doing something right. The honest answer is that we just don’t have the […]

  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

    Fingeance is a game about teamwork. Or at least, that’s what we’d like to say. The teamwork aspect of our game hasn’t been emphasized as much as we’d like. So, we’re working to change that. Teamwork Revisited So what have we done to fix it? First, we’re looking at remaking the starting parts of some […]

  • The Great Genre Debate

    Any time designers sit down to make a genre mash-up like Fingeance, they enter exciting new territory. There’s an inherent delight to mixing new things together and watching what emerges. Two of our genres – character brawler and roguelike (random levels, random loot) – have given us a lot to think about. Hundreds of times, […]

  • Updating Backgrounds

    The backgrounds in Fingeance tended to look really bland and a tad bit misleading. There wasn’t much going on, there was no life in them and sometime people thought that the ships were flying in the air. It isn’t their fault though: there wasn’t much to go off of. In fact, I bet you didn’t […]

  • Welcome Geek Event and Demo Update

    Displaying at the Welcome Geek Event This past week, we displayed Fingeance at Welcome Geek, hosted by Glitch Gaming in Minneapolis. We’d like to thank all of those people who gave our game a chance at the event! It was a blast watching players team up for some fishy fun, as well as a valuable […]

  • Beating Extreme Difficulty

    Want a challenge? Grab our Demo, turn the difficulty to Extreme, and try to make it to the end of level 3. Here are some things you can expect: Enemies shoot faster Some attacks are still dodgeable, but you’ll need to fit into a just-barely-submarine-sized hole to do it. Other (previously dodgeable) attacks become solid […]

  • Manta Ray Boss

    Late post this week! Sorry about that. We have been hard at work on some new and interesting additions to the game this past week. Manta Ray If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that we use the same bosses again and again in our screenshots (especially that ever-photogenic Puffer…). Well no more! […]