• Lowering the Fingeance Skill Floor

    Last week, a fan of ours decided to play Fingeance using only his right hand. Surprisingly, he did very well throughout the campaign (albeit on easy mode)! It immediately dawned on me how much decreasing the skill floor in Fingeance has helped with approachability and accessibility. Apparently Fingeance is one hand friendly… #gamedev #indiedev pic.twitter.com/gIDGFoNSQW — […]

  • Fingeance at The Bit Run in Minneapolis

    Escape Industries and Fingeance will be at The Bit Run in Richfield this Sunday, July 31st! The Bit Run is the world’s first video game themed run/walk, and we’re honored to have Fingeance shown this year. The course is a 4K or 8K dash through Richfield Veterans Park, with video game themed challenges spread throughout the […]

  • The Comic Book Aesthetic

    Since we first started working on Fingeance, I have had two personal goals in mind. I wanted the game to be accessible enough that you can jump in and have fun without knowing anything about the game. I also wanted to really sell the comic book aesthetic of the game. Even the very first post […]

  • Elements of a Good Boss Fight, Part 1: Anticipation

    After jamming out the first 15 bosses in Fingeance, I feel like I’ve learned a few things, and I thought I’d share. The first topic is anticipation. We’ll see how the first moments of a boss fight can help players understand the battle to come. We’ll also look at how unique and crazy boss attacks […]

  • A Shocking Reveal: Sparky!

    In our recent demo release, we added in a few unexpected features. There were weird new bosses, a secret difficulty level, and of course, unlockable characters. You might have come across a few already. One character is Spike, the tanky turtle who Lane’s talked about a bit, but the other’s more of a mystery. Sparky, […]

  • Megaturret Upgrades

    Phew! Releasing the demo took a lot out of us. This week, we are back at it again, making new content. Even as we go forward, though, we’re constantly looking back and improving old work. This past week I had the chance to update the Megaturret. Out with the old The old Megaturret design was… functional? […]

  • Fingeance Demo 2016 is Here!

    Fingeance has seen some insane changes in the past year, to the point where our old Fingeance demo just wasn’t cutting it. The art and audio is out of date, and several design decisions we made have been tossed out or improved. We feel the game is in a better state than a year ago, and today […]

  • Leveling Up in Fingeance

    Leveling up. For some, it’s the best feeling in gaming. In a flash, you’re bigger, stronger, better at everything. If you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter to ding in EverQuest or logged into WoW just to burn rest experience, you’ll agree when I say that leveling is a pleasure, and addiction, and a way of life. […]

  • Next Fingeance Build on Display at 2D Con

    Hey lads and ladies! As of this posting, we are thirty hours away from setting up our station at 2D Con in scenic Bloomington, MN. After that, we’ll spend June 3rd-5th exploring the fun 2D Con has to offer and displaying all that’s new in Fingeance. Here are a few of our proudest offerings:   […]

  • Gil Gets Greater Gadgets, and More!

    Intelligent, inquisitive, and maybe just a bit paranoid (but is it paranoia if half the ocean wants you dead?), Gil has always had a reputation as a straight-shooter. Over the last year of Fingeance design, we’ve tried to give Gil abilities that reflect this straightforward, sharpshooting persona. In building Gil’s kit, we’ve tried to keep […]