• Escape Industries at GlitchCon 2016!

    • Stephen McGregor
    • News
    • 20 April 2016

    Escape Industries and Fingeance will be at GlitchCon next week on April 29th!

    If you haven’t heard of GlitchCon, go check out their website. It’s like a miniature Midwest version of PAX or IndieCon. Despite being relatively small and new, it’s pulled in startlingly high-caliber talent from across the United States. They’ve played host to designers from Blizzard and Riot, to speakers like James Portnow and Ashly Burch, and to dozens of local speakers, developers, and academics.


    We’re not affiliated with GLITCH or GlitchCon, but we don’t mind waxing enthusiastic about this event. We may be a tiny bit biased: last year, Charles snapped up their Best Game Audio award for his work on Glitch in the System. Join us on April 29th in the McNamara Alumni Center at the University of Minnesota! There will be special performances by Richie Branson, Super Replay Live with Game Informer, and late night karaoke, not to mention all the local games your heart could desire. If you’ve been interested in trying out some of the new content we’ve been adding to Fingeance, GlitchCon is your next shot!

    You can find out more at the GlitchCon website. Tickets are available there as well. We hope to see you there!