• The Comic Book Aesthetic

    Since we first started working on Fingeance, I have had two personal goals in mind. I wanted the game to be accessible enough that you can jump in and have fun without knowing anything about the game. I also wanted to really sell the comic book aesthetic of the game. Even the very first post […]

  • Megaturret Upgrades

    Phew! Releasing the demo took a lot out of us. This week, we are back at it again, making new content. Even as we go forward, though, we’re constantly looking back and improving old work. This past week I had the chance to update the Megaturret. Out with the old The old Megaturret design was… functional? […]

  • Brand New Shop and More

    Escape Industries has been hard at work to bring you new content, as we’ve shown for the past few weeks. One new feature we haven’t shown yet is a new shop, updated for the coming changes to Fingeance. This new shop should look fairly familiar to veterans of more recent builds, but there are some […]

  • The Long Push

    Phew! As we said last week, we’ve finished up a HUGE push. It was pretty intense; we spent a lot of time working on new content for the game. We worked on new enemies, bosses, and environments (like the Kelp Forest). I wanted to take this time to reflect on the experience, talk about what […]

  • New Biome: Dolphin City

    First things first: we did it! As of 11:59pm on January 19th, we have a full-length game on our hands. Our plan was as ludicrous as it was ambitious. It took us just under 18 months to make the previous two levels, and we challenged ourselves to make the next six in just three weeks. […]

  • New Kelp Forest

    New Biome: Kelp Forest

    Escape Industries has been working hard over the holidays to bring you new content (who needs sleep anyways?). This includes new enemies, bosses, parts and, most importantly, biomes. Without further ado, we bring you the next area of Finn and friends’ journey, the Kelp Forest. The Kelp Forest sleeps just beyond the Coral Reef, and […]

  • Expanding Fingeance: New Additions

    One of the most commonly asked questions after we demo the game at conventions and the like is, “Why is it only 3 levels! We want to play more!” That is a really humbling question to hear: it means that we are doing something right. The honest answer is that we just don’t have the […]

  • Updating Backgrounds

    The backgrounds in Fingeance tended to look really bland and a tad bit misleading. There wasn’t much going on, there was no life in them and sometime people thought that the ships were flying in the air. It isn’t their fault though: there wasn’t much to go off of. In fact, I bet you didn’t […]

  • Manta Ray Boss

    Late post this week! Sorry about that. We have been hard at work on some new and interesting additions to the game this past week. Manta Ray If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that we use the same bosses again and again in our screenshots (especially that ever-photogenic Puffer…). Well no more! […]

  • Changing Up the Player HUD

    After reworking the Shop Menu and the Character Selection screens I told myself, “No more big systems for a while…” So naturally, I’m working on another big system. This time I am reworking the player HUD (Heads-Up Display, for those unaware) that tells the players what is going on with their ships. Reworked Player HUD […]