• Fingeance Character Designs

    It’s time to dive into the characters of Fingenace! They make up an interesting bunch where everyone brings something to the table. So let’s take a look: Finn    Finn is a hot headed fish out for vengeance! He is the leader of the group… or at least he tries to be. He is intelligent but […]

  • Roleplaying is More Fun as a Fish: Part Design in Fingeance

    It’s that time again folks! I’m sure you all woke up this morning, excited about this nice spring Monday, looking forward to the robust and detailed game design articles from Escape Industries’s resident game designer/programmer/crazy person. I’ll be here every week to make your Monday mornings that much brighter. Wednesdays are for your weekly dosage […]

  • The Art Style of Fingeance

    Hello everyone! I am Charles McGregor, the artist and musician for Fingeance. You may have seen some of my work over at Tribe Games like Glitch in the System. I am here to help Fingeance look and sound great! So you can find the majority of my posts be about the art and audio of […]

  • The Gameplay of Fingeance; Or, Game Design for Guppies

    Hello folks! My name is Stephen McGregor, programmer/designer for this lovely game we call Fingeance. I like long walks on the beach, staring into someone else’s eyes, and creating obscene weapons capable of destroying massive mechanical machinations of mammalian megalomaniacs. Each week on Monday, I’ll give you some details into the mechanisms of Fingeance. My […]

  • Introducing: Fingeance

    Announcement: Fingeance, our very first game, will be shown at GlitchCon! Look for us at our booth in Minnecade on Sunday (Complete Schedule). Hi everybody! My name is Lane Davis. I write code for Fingeance, which means that I spend my afternoons doing the following: Teaching fish to pilot submarines. Teaching dolphins to hatch sinister […]

  • Vision. Passion. Revenge.

    You’ve really done it now. You know what happens when people follow up-and-coming game developers, right? First, there’s some novel hook. Something pulls you in to this weird startup world. Maybe it’s the story, the game mechanics, the developers themselves. Something grabs hold, and a concept that did not exist in your mind until a […]