• Top 7 Features We’re Dying to add to Fingeance

    Since we finished our massive push, Fingeance is starting to look an awful lot like a completed game. In fact, we’ve had several playtesters ask us “Why aren’t you publishing? What features do you still need to add?” We take this as a sizable compliment, and every time we hear it, we get a little […]

  • Fingeance Alpha – Video Update 3

    Woah! A new video! Wait, 2 of them! That’s right! We have a new updated video available to watch. This video is showcasing all of the new environments that we have worked on since our last video. There’s a lot more action packed combat featured than before as well! But wait… didn’t I say that […]

  • Enemies Extravaganza

    Last week, we showed you some of the bosses you’ll be fighting in Fingeance, but what about the regular enemies? The smaller grunts may be weaker than their larger counterparts, but there is strength in numbers. We’ve created many new enemies over our recent push to pack each level with fresh challenges. Ghasts You’ll find the […]

  • Boss Battle Briefings

    One of the most intense encounters in the game of Fingeance are the boss battles. The Dolphin Empire has trained, manufactured, and bioengineered these big baddies to prevent your team from reaching the heart of the their territory. You and your crack team of fishes will need all the help you can get to defeat […]

  • Global Game Jam 2016

    This weekend we each participated in the Global Game Jam, where we created a game in 48 hours based around a theme; this year’s theme was “Ritual”. Our Jam Site we were part of was GameCraft at the University of Minnesota with Glitch Gaming. It was pretty intense but a lot of fun. Instead of […]

  • The Long Push

    Phew! As we said last week, we’ve finished up a HUGE push. It was pretty intense; we spent a lot of time working on new content for the game. We worked on new enemies, bosses, and environments (like the Kelp Forest). I wanted to take this time to reflect on the experience, talk about what […]

  • New Biome: Dolphin City

    First things first: we did it! As of 11:59pm on January 19th, we have a full-length game on our hands. Our plan was as ludicrous as it was ambitious. It took us just under 18 months to make the previous two levels, and we challenged ourselves to make the next six in just three weeks. […]

  • New Biome: Deep Sea Cave

    Salutations! As many of you know, Escape Industries set out on a mad quest recently. We were tired of endless hypotheticals about how the game might look someday. So we set out to build the dang thing. As soon as possible. In mid December, we ourselves upon a crazy challenge: make six levels in just […]

  • New Kelp Forest

    New Biome: Kelp Forest

    Escape Industries has been working hard over the holidays to bring you new content (who needs sleep anyways?). This includes new enemies, bosses, parts and, most importantly, biomes. Without further ado, we bring you the next area of Finn and friends’ journey, the Kelp Forest. The Kelp Forest sleeps just beyond the Coral Reef, and […]

  • The Future of Fingeance

    Hey folks, long time no see! I’m sure those following us have wondered where we’ve been, as we’ve been fairly silent since our recent demo at Gamer’s Rhapsody. We’re still here, working tirelessly to provide you with the underwater mayhem you crave. Unfortunately, real life can get in the way. Recent events (finals week, weather, […]