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Our very first collaborative title, Fingeance, is sort of a reverse Moby Dick. As a fish, you’ve suffered the ultimate indignity: the loss of your gills. Unable to breathe underwater, you cobble together a sub and seek revenge with the help of a mysterious Dolphin friend.
Fingeance is a four-player shoot-em-up that places emphasis on teamwork and strategy, discarding traditional twitch-based gameplay. The game is built with Team Friendliness at its core, meaning that even the most novice player can be a choice asset to the team. To brave the highest difficulties, though, your decision-making will need to be razor-sharp. You’ll need to make the most of every randomly-generated weapon and enemy that comes your way.
Imagine Faster Than Light meets Jamestown meets Team Fortress 2. Then, add four tiny fish, a comic book style, and a veneer of seething vindictive rage. That’s Fingeance.

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