• Preparing for the Slog

    Work on Fingeance started in July 2014. Twice, we’ve scrapped everything and started fresh. We’ve built and built, gone through planning, prototyping, implementation, and sweet, sweet content production. Even with all that behind us, surprises still lie ahead. Today, as we look out on Summer 2015, we see something scary and exhilarating and new. We […]

  • One of These Fins is not Like the Others

    On Monday, March 30th, I knew I had forgotten something. We’d spent the last two days at GlitchCon, and things had been just one pixel away from awesome. Technically, things had gone fine. Socially, well, Minneapolis devs warmed our heartsĀ and chilled our bones (seriously, check out Moribund in that second link). Our game was chugging […]

  • Vision. Passion. Revenge.

    You’ve really done it now. You know what happens when people follow up-and-coming game developers, right? First, there’s some novel hook. Something pulls you in to this weird startup world. Maybe it’s the story, the game mechanics, the developers themselves. Something grabs hold, and a concept that did not exist in your mind until a […]