• Fingeance at The Bit Run in Minneapolis

    Escape Industries and Fingeance will be at The Bit Run in Richfield this Sunday, July 31st! The Bit Run is the world’s first video game themed run/walk, and we’re honored to have Fingeance shown this year. The course is a 4K or 8K dash through Richfield Veterans Park, with video game themed challenges spread throughout the […]

  • Elements of a Good Boss Fight, Part 1: Anticipation

    After jamming out the first 15 bosses in Fingeance, I feel like I’ve learned a few things, and I thought I’d share. The first topic is anticipation. We’ll see how the first moments of a boss fight can help players understand the battle to come. We’ll also look at how unique and crazy boss attacks […]

  • Fingeance Demo 2016 is Here!

    Fingeance has seen some insane changes in the past year, to the point where our old Fingeance demo just wasn’t cutting it. The art and audio is out of date, and several design decisions we made have been tossed out or improved. We feel the game is in a better state than a year ago, and today […]

  • Next Fingeance Build on Display at 2D Con

    Hey lads and ladies! As of this posting, we are thirty hours away from setting up our station at 2D Con in scenic Bloomington, MN. After that, we’ll spend June 3rd-5th exploring the fun 2D Con has to offer and displaying all that’s new in Fingeance. Here are a few of our proudest offerings:   […]

  • User Experience Testing: Four Problems and Solutions

    In April, as we geared up for GlitchCon, we took time to engage in one of the great pleasures of game-making, User Experience design. Today, I present four stories of making player gadgets (special attacks) as intuitive and pleasurable as possible. Spike’s Shell Block: A Defensive Demonstration We’re starting big. This is one of the […]

  • Escape Industries at GlitchCon 2016!

    Escape Industries and Fingeance will be at GlitchCon next week on April 29th! If you haven’t heard of GlitchCon, go check out their website. It’s like a miniature Midwest version of PAX or IndieCon. Despite being relatively small and new, it’s pulled in startlingly high-caliber talent from across the United States. They’ve played host to […]

  • Redacted: The Balancing Act of Sharing Content

    Sharing content with you, the audience, is a tricky subject. We have already reached a point in development where we need to start thinking about what content we share and what we should keep secret. In fact, if you read last week’s blog post we had fun withholding some info about a new character. Jokes […]

  • Rebalance: Promoting Team Play in Fingeance

    In the last two weeks, Fingeance has undergone a sweeping set of changes designed to promote teamwork and communication. This rebalance touches everything, but focuses on the pace of combat. From the beginning, we’ve wanted to make our game a Side-Scrolling Shoot-Em-Up with Roles, and a huge part of having “roles” is having them work […]

  • GDC 2016 Adventures

    We are back from GDC 2016! This year marks the first year that my bro, Stephen, and I went to the Game Developer’s Conference. The Game Developer’s Conference (or GDC for short) is a professional conference where game developers from all over the world come together and share ideas, show off their games, and network […]

  • Stephen Left Me a Gift!

    Stephen, lovable scamp that he is, left me something before he and Charles left to frolic on the floors of GDC. I’m getting a little giddy just looking at it. He has great taste, and knows just what I like. Should we open it up? I was thinking the same thing. Oh wait! There’s a […]