• The Music of Fingeance

    Music is a topic that is long overdue here on the blog. We have hinted at it in the past when we introduced the Kelp Forest and the Deep Sea Cave, but never actually talking about where the musical inspiration truly came from. That changes today! For all of the music in the game I […]

  • New Kelp Forest

    New Biome: Kelp Forest

    Escape Industries has been working hard over the holidays to bring you new content (who needs sleep anyways?). This includes new enemies, bosses, parts and, most importantly, biomes. Without further ado, we bring you the next area of Finn and friends’ journey, the Kelp Forest. The Kelp Forest sleeps just beyond the Coral Reef, and […]

  • Fingeance Alpha Music

    Phew… We did it. We released our alpha demo of Fingeance. Thanks everyone for your support we truly do appreciate it! Thank you so much. This past week has been pretty intense making sure that we were ready for release before this past Monday, I had to finish the alpha music. I had to finish […]

  • Making Musical Strides

    Over the past week I have been working on a variety of things, but the biggest thing I was able to do was make some musical strides for Fingeance. As I have mentioned before in a previous post, I didn’t have much of an idea for the type of music that Fingeance should have. Trying to figure out […]

  • Music Theme for Fingeance

    The music theme for Fingeance has been an extremely tricky proposition. Normally when I am coming up with music that is for something, I get a feel for what I need to do pretty quickly. I could look at what I was making music for or it be described to me and I could get a basic […]