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Based in the frigid American North, Escape Industries builds its games with the pride of people too stubborn to fail. With loving care, we extract every pixel that goes into our games from core samples of the Ojibwe permafrost. Pixels in hand, we head home, roll up our sleeves, snowshoe around the moose in our backyard, and get to work.


Charles PicCharles McGregorBetween making lutefisk and leading icecutter expeditions, Charles finds time to do our art, music, and UI. He also runs Tribe Games and is pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the University of Minnesota.

Stephen PicStephen McGregor — After a freak icequake bankrupted Stephen’s entire walrus-ranching empire, he turned to the comparatively stable world of game development. He programs our core game systems, does balance work, and even online marketing. He’s also pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota.

Lane PicLane Davis — On a bitter arctic venture, the McGregors found a scraggly-haired wild man surviving in an igloo. They listened to his rambling tales of killer crabs and villainous dolphins. Then, against all reason — and against the cries of the women and children of the expedition — they took him in. Today, he codes for Fingeance and leads their writing and boss design.


History of Escape Industries

ESCAPE INDUSTRIES is three friends — Lane Davis, Stephen McGregor, and Charles McGregor — who joined forces in 2014 to make games. Lane and Stephen met in 2010 through the University of Minnesota’s Glitch Gaming student organization. Lane met Charles in 2012, and geeked out over Charles’ game, Glitch in the System. Stephen and Charles met even earlier, as they are brothers.

Over the summer of 2014, the three met frequently to test Lane’s board game, Triumph. On several occasions, Stephen or Lane voiced dissatisfaction with their chosen life paths. Stephen was earning a degree in mechanical engineering, and felt stuck in a career that did not inspire him. Lane had been teaching for two years, and felt similarly. Charles was born awesome, and felt no such regret — he’d already been making games for years by this point.

Lane and Stephen felt like they needed a change. A way out. An escape.


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